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Need help finding a pharmacy, please.


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Does anyone know of a major U.S. pharmacy that isn't a PITA to get a liquid diazepam Rx filled? I've had to educate my physician through all of this, and luckily she's confirmed my researched and is on board with my taper plan. She doesn't even know how to write an Rx for liquid diazepam. Also, the second pharmacist that I spoke to at my usual pharmacy just told me that most U.S. health insurances won't even cover it. Over time, I've pill cut down from 4mg Alpazolam to 1mg per day. Then switched completely to 15mg Diazepam. That was pretty rough for a few days. Then went down to 12.5mg Diazepam and that was brutal for at least 6 weeks. I want to make my taper amounts smaller and more frequent, that's why I'm in the Titration board.


Liquid diazepam sound like the easiest way to finally finish this. If it can't be done, I've read a little about the other methods of titration. Just not enough to make a plan. If anyone has any ideas or advice, I'd really appreciate it.



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Do you have a compounding pharmacy near you?  I've heard it's difficult to get insurance to pay for the liquid, but it would sure be nice if you could do it this way, the accuracy is assured.


Would this link be helpful to your Dr?  https://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/search.cfm?labeltype=all&query=DIAZEPAM


You could also crush your pills and weigh them to finish your taper if you don't want to use liquid titration.

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Thank you for the link! I'll try to see if I can get any of these through pharmacies & insurance. I tried 1 compounding pharmacy upon my Physician's advice, from the office, and they said they didn't have the components. I'll keep looking & trying.


It is disgusting that Dr.'s, pharmacies, and insurance have no problem getting these things into my hand. But, when I'm stuck and want to be free, they're far & few between. Even my "open minded" physician started our conversation with straight detox in a rehab facility. She simply didn't know any other way. She does, now, though.


If the entirety of the medical industry wasn't as it is, this entire forum would be full of just "Hang in there!" and "Congratulations!".


All of my knowledge of getting off of them came from here. Even when I was just a lurker & not a member/poster. I mean to stick with this forum long after I'm done. If I can help ANYONE through this horror, I need to.


Thanks, again.

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I know what you mean, we need to get it across to the pharmaceutical companies that they can make just as much money helping us off the drug as they do getting us on it, problem solved!  I'm glad you've found help here, many members have said they've been able to educate their Dr's with knowledge gained here, I wish it weren't like this, but at least we have each other.


I'll see if I can find more information for you, I stole this from one of our wonderful members named Libertas, perhaps I can let her know you may need more help.


I look forward to your success, not many stick around once they recover so your help will be most welcome.  :smitten:



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Hello, WantToBeFree462.  I am sorry you are having issues obtaining the prescription oral solution of diazepam.  Based on what I’ve read here, a surprising number of pharmacists are not familiar with this formulation.


If I were you, I would keep calling pharmacies in your area until you find a pharmacist who either knows about it or is willing to learn.  You can assist him/her by providing the NDC codes (more on these below). My personal experience is that small-chain/independent pharmacies are quite helpful.


Getting insurance to pay for this should not be an issue.  This is a commercially available, FDA-approved medication just like regular tablets.  To preempt any questions/confusion about this, if I were you, I would contact your insurance company (or pharmacy benefits manager) directly and ask.


At the present time, there are two manufacturers in the US - West-Ward (which is now owned by Hikma) and Lannett.  Below is the “How Supplied” information about each of their products from DailyMed.  Providing the NDC code (NDC = National Drug Code) to the pharmacist will make it easier for him/her to check availability.  Speaking of which, just in case you don’t already know this, different pharmacies use different suppliers/distributors. Different suppliers/distributors stock different drugs. This is another reason why it can take some phone work to find a pharmacy that can fill your particular Rx.



Diazepam Oral Solution. The 5 mg per 5 mL oral solution is supplied as a (wintergreen-spice flavored) clear, orange-colored solution.

NDC 0054-3188-63: Bottle of 500 mL



Diazepam Oral Solution, 5 mg per 5 mL (Orange-colored, mint-peppermint flavored solution) is supplied as follows:

NDC 0527-1767-65:  Bottle of 500 mL.


(Note: You want to get the 5mg/5mL solution not the more concentrated 5mg/1mL Intensol.)


If you have not already done so, might I encourage you to post to the following support group at:


Valium/Diazepam Support Group


(The above link takes you to the first page in the thread.  To go to the end of the thread, click the last Page number. As of this writing, it’s Page 2105. This is a thread not a board, so just click the Reply button to post.)


The members of the above group are very helpful and knowledgeable.


Last but not least, if you cannot find a pharmacy in your area that is willing to fill an Rx for the prescription oral solution of diazepam, obtaining a compounded oral suspension is an option.  However, there are several “tricks” you need to know to make this work given that a commercially available formulation is available.  So, if you get to that point, let us know. 


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Thank you so much for the info. I will start calling today. Even if I have to jump through a few hoops, I know it will be worth the effort.
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