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Day 2 of 4th cut


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I’ve tapered another 10 %!  Day 2 and I’m happy to say I feel great so far.  I slept both nights and no difficulty in the day.  Usually take 4 days to feel it, but I’m happy to get that far.  It prevents me giving up in the first days.  Not that I would, because I’m determined and so close to being over this.  At night I’ve felt a bit hot cold shakes, but manageable.  I felt some tightness in my chest, but I breathed 4 7 8 and it eased up.  My itchy skin feeling came back but it’s gone at the moment.  I cooked and ate well and painted the bathroom, excellent distractions.  Being home alone during this covid and it’s still snowing here, is a perfect time to make progress in my taper.  Now down to .112 mgs clonazepam daily.  The end is in sight!
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