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How to dry taper using a scale


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Hopefully this video will help illustrate the process.





These are also some great tips provided by a member named aweigh.



Here's some tips that might help with weighing.


If you're measuring a powder, as opposed to granules or small cut-up pieces, there can be effects from static electricity. These become much more significant as the weights get lower. You can try to not to generate any static e- by not rubbing any non-conductors. We used the "cling-be-gone" thingies you put in the dryer in my lab--no kidding! Gently rub the weighing surfaces; don't use the ones that have powder. The also make zero-stat ion guns.


Do not weigh at the low or high end of the scale's range. Put a dime under the plastic pan and tare it [zero it out], then weigh from there. Always close the cover before making a reading. Don't forget the annoying self turn-off feature.


Although the scale [i'm assuming a Gemini] reads to 1 mg [0.001 g], it will only register starting at 4 mg or so. Don't expect it to repeatably weigh 2 mg.


Troubleshooting: If you run on batteries, try getting an AC/DC converter. Move the scale to another room, put it on the heaviest piece of flat wood or stone [not metal] you can find. Get a level and level it out.


There's a whole protocol to do if you get an electronic item wet; I can't give it here, but pull the batteries or pack out and pull everything apart and dry it off by hand while you're looking up what to do next on the web.


Don't give up until you've either talked with someone in tech support or verified that they are useless. The right tec geek might solve your problem in 3 minutes...especially if you flatter them.


The IMO Freebie: Tablets are usually made in 1000 kilo batches in stainless steel extruders; in one process, the ingredients are mixed as a liquid slurry, then squeezed into dies and allowed to dry. Because of the scale of manufacture, any discontinuity in the "soon to be pills" goop would be on a large enough scale that it wouldn't affect one aliquot [small portion] of medicine. Or so the theory goes. I believe that Big Pharma is required to analyze a sample of each lot as part of their QA/QC deal with the FDA. As "proprietary information", I'm not so sure that they have to make the results available to the public. Good ol' Catch 22.





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