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Help with propylene glycol titration


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How much propylene glycol and water would I need to dissolve 1mg diazepam? Thank you.


Doesn't take much PG - just a milliliter (~1/4 teaspoon) will dissolve the medicine in the pill.  It's fine to use more PG (e.g. 1 teaspoon).  Note that the medicine will be dissolved, but some of the 'inert' pill material won't look like it has dissolved.  That's fine.  That's just starch and/or other fillers.  It helps to break up the pill and agitate the solution.  Give it some time (10-15 minutes) to fully dissolve in the PG.  After that, you can add as much or as little water as you wish.  The water is just to make taking the PG solution easier.  Maybe add something like an ounce or two (~25-50ml) of water, swirl (to mix) and drink.


There's a lot of knowledge about stuff like this in the daily micro-tapering group.  Micro-Tapering Group[/b]

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