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0.25 Alprazolam micro taper, need help


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I found what looks like a good micro taper schedule. I’ll be using water. My concern is, that after 11 years on this stuff, how do I go from a full dose before I go to bed, so a tapered dose that’s divided among 4 or 5 small jars without having a big jump the first time out? If I take a full dose on a Monday night, then a partial dose on Tuesday night, won’t there be a problem? I’m looking to start this on January 1st. 0.25 doesn’t sound like much, but I tried getting off of it on my own, and it was a nightmare. Once I have this part down, I plan on bringing the taper schedule to my doctor.

    And, can I successfully micro taper off of a short acting benzo? My doctor isn’t familiar with switching to Valium. I’m used to the Alprazolam and know what to expect when I’m taking it normally. Can I do a lot of little doses during the day to make it work?

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Hi Li,


It is possible to get off Alprazolam even after a long number of years. I am two months off after approximately fifteen years with the last twelve years at 3 mg per day prescribed.


My taper went fairly well until I hit the .5 mark and then it was a bad scene. That's when I found BB and discovered that benzos are hard to get off of.


Ultimately I did go with DLMT. I did use the 1:2:8 ratio mix with vodka for suspension. It was easy to mix up, and the doses are tiny at the amounts you will be dosing.


I took Xanax three times per day as far as pills and then went to two times per day on cut pills to reduce. When I went to liquid, I gradually spread out my doses so that I was taking four doses per day. It just seemed to be less painful to spread it out.


I stopped benzos at .088 or .022 x four per day over two months ago. It was not easy, but it was do-able.


In response to all your questions, my answers would be yes. You can do this. It's all possible. 


As far as your doctor helping, I would not bank real heavily on that. I say that because you say your doctor does not know much about benzos. It is likely that you now or soon will be more of an expert than your doc. Just the nature of the beast. Don't let that scare you off either. My doc said I'd need to stay on Xanax for life given the amount of time I'd been taking it. He was incorrect. I like him fine, but he does not know hardly anything about benzos. So, he wrote scrips, but he was no help on the taper.


All the best to you! LA

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