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Should I switch to 4 equal doses


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I am currently implementing a milk micro-taper for my fiancee. We are at 1.18 mg of Klonopin with the following dosing schedule:

10:30 pm 0.59 mg

10:30 am 0.295 mg

4:30 am  0.295 mg


The problem is that by early morning she is in excruciating pain; my thought was to divide the night dose in half : 0.295 at 12 midnight followed by 0.295 @ 6 am and then move the remaining day doses to 12 noon and 6 pm.

Some feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Yes, it should help with inter dose withdrawal.


One other suggestion, slow down the taper rate. You've tapered her dose by more than half in 6 - 7 months. It's too fast, as evident in her condition from your intro post.

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