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Looking for help creating a taper plan (Klonopin)


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I have a rough idea of what I'd like to do as you can see in my signature. I want to do liquid titration, but I'm also highly considering dry cutting the last 0.25mg (half of the 0.5mg pill) of clonazepam that I still take at night. I take 0.5mg in the morning, but I've heard for many people, the last half milligram is really rough, so I'd like to liquid titrate that. And if the dry cutting (0.125mg x2) doesn't work out, I can liquid titrate whatever is left.


I've tried titrating in the past but I quickly lose motivation because the process is so long. However, withdrawal effects from going cold turkey in a hospital once or twice have left me afraid to experience those again.


I want to use a 100mL cylinder and reduce the dose by 1% per day. I'll probably use whole milk for the solution. I want to take one dose per day, but I have a feeling I might need to do two, even in the beginning.


I'm hoping anyone here can pick out any errors in my method and suggest any improvements or tips. I'm bad with numbers and I have bad brain fog from fibromyalgia. So if anyone could also help me with a way to put this down in writing, whether on paper or in a spreadsheet or word processor, that would be absolutely amazing.


My other medications include:


-Risperdal/risperidone=depression (have been slowly cutting down on this already)



-Inderal/propranolol=postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome/POTS, migraine

-Imitrex/sumatriptan=PRN for migraine headaches, rarely used


My supplements include:

-Vitamin B Complex=migraine, fatigue

-Vitamin D3=depression

-Vitamin C=immunity, anxiety

-Centrum Multivitamin for Adults=general wellbeing

-Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) gelcaps=anxiety, pain

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Hi DeterminedDandelion,


I am extremely new here and have a question for you.


I have been on .5 mg - .25 mg of Klonopin, but have been very careless about the ways I have managed my dosages over the years. Sometimes, I take the full .5 mg, sometimes I have broken the tablet in half to get to .25 mg, and sometimes I bitten the .25 mg in half to get somewhere close to .125 mg. I didn't realize how much every crumb mattered until I started reading here.  Now that I am slightly more educated, I will get a legit pill splitter and be uber careful.


After .125, is liquid titration the only way to get to lower doses? I am going to have to learn how to do that. It sounds like I need a chemistry lab and that is worrisome to me.





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1) After .125, is liquid titration the only way to get to lower doses? I am going to have to learn how to do that.


2)  It sounds like I need a chemistry lab and that is worrisome to me.






1)  Yeah, realistically, yes.  There is no way you can actually measure out dry reductions that small


2)  Can you stir cream and sugar into your morning coffee?  Can you read a ruler?  Then you can handle a DLMT.  You combine 3 ingredients, then measure your doses with a graduated (like a ruler) oral syringe.

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After .125, is liquid titration the only way to get to lower doses? I am going to have to learn how to do that. It sounds like I need a chemistry lab and that is worrisome to me.



It's really easy! I've done it once or twice before but didn't stick with it. There's a tutorial on benzobuddies.org under the Liquid Titration section. There are little tricks and tips that you can find scattered all over this forum. I've found that lurking through other threads can find you many, many answers to questions you didn't know you had. Read everything you can and then take a trip to Amazon - you can buy pretty much everything you need there.


Good luck on your journey! Feel free to PM me if you want moral support.

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I've been away - I worked for some weeks, went on a short vacation, and then the holidays arrived.


In October, I found a doctor who is supportive and willing to help me withdraw which has made a tremendous psychological difference to me. I was ashamed before - now I'm out there with my facts and situation and that feels a lot better. I decided to delay my taper since I had started a new job and knew that would be stressful. I had a follow up appt. last Friday, and had blood drawn last Monday - am waiting for results.


I take my .25 mg at night to help with sleep. The Monday before Christmas, I put the tablet on my bedside table, intending to take it as soon I finished a movie. I woke up the next morning and had not taken it! Honestly, I couldn't believe it - I forgot! I took it on Tuesday night. I put my dose on the table on Wednesday and forgot, and last night, and forgot!


I think having the pill right there ended up being a psychological trick even though I fully intended to take it. (e.g., if I need it (for whatever reason), it is right there. I know I can take it, it is within reach, I can take it in the middle of the night if I want to, no one is keeping me from taking it, I have permission to take it, etc.).


It has been a boost to have gone 4 days out of 7 without the pill, and I feel as if I accidentally interrupted my psychological dependence. I wake up every morning with a headache and am not sure if that is related. It seems to go away as the day beats on. I also feel more depressed, but that might be situational b/c of the holidays. I feel like I will be successful with this, by accident.


Parkside 10


No other medications


Supplements: Vitamin D3


My blood pressure has been high for a while - doctor will make recommendations after the blood results are in.

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