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DLMT from high mg doses


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Is it even possible to do a DLMT of Librium?


since I'm on 3mgs of K, the conversion says I'd need 150mgs of librium. When I then start putting things into the online calculator that Hawk made it says I'll need 15000ml of water. Does Librium just not work for a DLMT? Or am I just being remarkably obtuse about some aspect of this? The same huge amount of water obviously comes up if you want to do 60mg of valium. So is the only option to do some of these as pills, and then one of the doses as liquid? Is there a primer somewhere on how to start doing a DLMT from a high dose of either Librium or Valium?


Reinstating on K is bringing the full depression, so I'm worried over crossing over to Valium, is why I'm looking into this, btw.



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