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BBo Team changes


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I am sorry to announce that Zephyr is stepping down as Global Moderator. She has medical problems and needs to be away from the pressures of moderating the forum. We hope that she will come back at some stage - of course, in any capacity she desires.


Zephyr, your help around has been invaluable, and I hope your medical problems improve soon.


Take care.


Additionally, board moderators are now assigned to specific boards. Members should notice very little change. Moderators are not limited to the boards to which they are assigned, of course, and actually, they will retain their moderator 'powers' on all the boards. They will carry the title of 'Moderator Team' outside of the boards which are their primary responsibility, so making their identification obvious to all members. The change is purely about lightening the load on them so that they do not feel they must monitor all posts on all boards. The exception is Tanya: she will continue to moderate on the Titration board only, and will not not have moderation powers outside of the Titration board. Tanya cannot commit the time here she used to, but wanted to help us out on that rather technical board. Thanks, Tanya.


Janus, our other Global Moderator, is snowed under with other projects away from the forum for next few weeks. This leaves a bit of gap with Zephyr leaving, so Bobersak has agreed to step up as Acting Global Moderator, at least for time being. Thanks, Bobers.


Thanks to all the team, past and present.

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Hi all,


Another change: Tony (Tpirog) is joining the team as a moderator. His primary responsibility is to moderate the Blog board, but like other moderators, he can moderate over all the boards.


Thanks Tony.

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Welcome Tony-so good to have you aboard as a positive influence on those withdrawing....You have had a bad experience elsewhere so now really should know what  a positive experience will mean!   Thanks for taking the position.  Janus
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