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Anyone here with type II diabetes and on meds or insulin? HOw was taper/withdra


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HOw do you handle sugar levels that go up and down?    I take a long acting insulin and it keeps me pretty stable EXCEPT for after I eat, my sugar jumps by 3-5points higher!!  I imagine this takes a toll on the brain and can affect mood.


Has anyone here gotten off benzos with diabetes? 

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Hi. I did a cold turkey off clonazepam and have type II diabetes. My glucose would go up and down for the first 6 months at least. It would sometimes jump extremely high even if I just ate a couple bites of food. Sometimes it would plummet 10 minutes after eating. I had to eat sometimes every 30 minutes. It slowly got better and I still concentrate on low carbs, moderate proteins and healthy fats every meal.Now it is so much better and my A1C went from 6.1 to 5.4 in the last 3 months. I even had to get up during the night and check my glucose and eat a half banana or a small amount of orange juice.


So adjust your eating and it will level out eventually.

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Thank you pteachgirl. I’m on  long acting insulin and metformin.


I’ve had type II diabetes for over 20 yrs.


My A1C was 6.5 last month.


I’m watchin g my sugar levels and since I went into tolerance withdrawal my sugar levels have been higher. I lost  15lbs in a month and I think the stress is making my sugar levels worse.

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