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Epileptic, on the drug frissium


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I have been experiencing some strange and new epilepsy symptoms, and a new increase in seizure activity. I have told my neurologist. I had requested that I would like to stop taking frissium and be put on a different medication for my epilepsy. He increased my dose. I have not taken the dose increase as yet because I started reading about benzodiazepines and would rather not increase my dose.(He did offer the option of adding another antiepileptic drug but that would mean I would be taking 3 different anti convulsants, I am also on Lamatrogine/Lamictal). I would like to stop taking frissium and would appreciate some advise on how to best approach this option with my neurologist. After reading about some of the side effects of benzo withdrawal / tolerance I feel they sound somewhat like the symptoms I am experiencing, however I have epilepsy and don't know if this is the case. (I also have chronic pain due to a car accident 4 years ago)
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Hello Oneday75 !


We are very glad that you found us!


I am sorry you are having issues with Frissium and seizures. It is quite possible that you have reached tolerance. This may be why you are experiencing increased epileptic activity.  Tolerance is a common occurrence with this class of medication. One way to find out if you have reached tolerance would be to do as your doctor suggested and take the increase dosage and see if these new issues resolve. Due to the epilepsy, I would continue to work closely with my primary care regarding anti-convulsion medications. :thumbsup:


I would also like to suggest that you do some research on the various boards. Becoming well informed should better enable you to make difficult decisions as well as provide you with the tools you need for a successful taper & recovery.  You will find many knowledgeable members who will support your efforts to be benzo free. I have enclosed a few links below that may help you. Check them out!


Hope you get these issues resolved!

Bella  :smitten:




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