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2010 decided to address my anxiety and panic disorders n decided to see a psychiatrist who put me on etizolam .5mg and Censpram 20mg. Two years later got diagnosed with Breast cancer and one of the medicines interacted with the SSRI so was put on Lonazep .5mg.The added anxiety of diagnosis and treatment I started taking etizolam and lonazep both one in the morning one in the night.It has been

9 years now.At some point I just took etizolam .5mg one day and lonazep .5mg the next.And then eventually moved to etizolam .5mg a day.I feel very sleepy and faculties have dulled though I blame it on the chemo.Now I wanna taper them off but in India the awareness is still low.How difficult would it be for me.Am I on a large dose.

I feel lost and unsupported.

All support is welcome.Bless you all

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Hello Seeker25!


We are very glad that you found us!


I am sorry you are having issues with etizolam .5mg and Censpram 20mg. Apparently 10mg of Censpram is composed of "Escitalopram (10 mg) + Clonazepam (0.5 mg) an antidepressant and benzo combination. etizolam is similar to and acts like benzo. So @ 20mg of Censpram plus .5mg of etizolam (.5mg C equiv.) it looks like you are on the equivalent of 1.5mg Clonazapam.


I would like to suggest that you do some research on the various boards. Becoming well informed should better enable you to make difficult decisions as well as provide you with the tools you need for a successful taper & recovery.  You will find many knowledgeable members who will support your efforts to be benzo free. I have enclosed a few links below that may help you. Check them out!


Wishing you a smooth taper & speedy recovery!

Bella  :smitten:




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Professor Heather Ashton's




Taper Info:

Suggested reduction rate is 5% - 10% every 10 - 14 days 

Create Your Own Taper Plan  by Jim Hawk 

You-Tube step-by-step  Tutorial Video

Other Tutorials:


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