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last cut pushed to the limit for terror fear anxiety tinnitus,can you help again


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My last cut off Valium was 4-5 days ago, dropping .1mg down to 2.3mg Valium. As per normal, the anxiety/fear terror has gone off the scales, but I do not want to up dose, as I am determined I have to get of this drug.

I am sure there are many who are struggling on the low doses and wondered what to do to help matters. I can feel positive one day then fear I can't and wont heal due to my age at almost 74. I sometimes even wonder if it's worth the struggle and go up to a higher dose that I ever was on to stabilise, but that would be stupid as the risk of falls and dementia are ever present if I stay on this drug.

I do not know why I have had such a terrible time for months, which is adding to the fear, and as I haven't many years left in me I don't want to continue to spend my days trapped in my bed.

I have been so badly effected, just want to get through this somehow, but the anxiety levels are just too much for me, along with the tinnitus and digestive issues, plus weight loss.

Any tips please apart from breathing tapping and meditation tapes. I don't want to give up, just get off this drug the Doctor should never have prescribed at my age, last year. If I had known I would never have taken it, but used natural methods.I  know I have asked before, but I am now so determined not to go back higher, and know I may need to hold a little while, just any good tips for an older lady to help save her from this hell place I am in now?

Anything at all to bring it down that worked for you?

Sorry to keep asking. Just a really bad day, and hoping it will ease, though it never leaves except when I sleep. The level it's at I feel like I will wont survive, not being young and fit.

Thank you mmy friends for reading this.


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