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Low Energy Levels?


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One of the symptoms I have right now, being off of 2mg Klonopin (on it daily for 7 years) , is having absolutely NO energy.  Has anyone else experienced extremely low energy levels from stopping the benzo cold turkey?  I mean it's hard to take a shower, walk up the stairs, or even brush my teeth most days.  Are these low energy levels normal and if so when does it come back?  I've been off the klonopin now for 3.5 months.  Every day feels like I just got my ass kicked, as these last 105 days (being benzo free), are some of the hardest days I've ever had to endure. 
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Very normal.  Benzo WD often mimics other medical issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Thankfully I never had that, but I have seen where some others did.


Healing and recovery is very nonlinear.  UP and DOWN for a long time for most.  Symptoms WAX and WANE with the possibility of new symptoms appearing out of the blue.  The worst part of my withdrawal other than the acute phase that typically lasts 30-60 days for most right after you CT or finish your taper, was between months 3 - 9. 


Hypochondria is also very common for most in WD.  You believe and even convince yourself you have some other illness or disease that explains your WD symptoms.


You were on a high dose for a long time some some nasty WD is to be expected.  It will even out and fade over time. 

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Reported Benzo WD Symptoms:


MENTAL/COGNITIVE/BEHAVIORAL SIGNS.  You may or may not experience these symptoms.


    Aggressive Behavior

    Agitation/Irritability/Short Tempered/Rage Outbursts



    Anxiety/Panic/Terror Attacks/Development of Various Fears and Phobias


    Cognitive Impairment/Fog







    Emotional Lability

    Feeling numb or like a “zombie on autopilot”/Feeling over-sedated


    Hearing Voices

    Impaired Judgment

    Intrusive thoughts/Excessive negative thinking and feelings of doom

    Irrational Thoughts and Behavior

    Loss of Creativity


    Memory & Concentration Issues


    Mood Swings

    Neurocognitive problems

    Obsessive compulsive or other “odd” behavior


    Personality Changes

    Reckless Behavior

    Self-Harming Thoughts and Behavior

    Stress Intolerance

    Suicidal Ideation




    Adrenaline Rushes


    Allergies & Sensitivities increasing or developing

    Appetite changes


    Blood Pressure Issues, fluctuations

    Cardiac Symptoms – Bradycardia (slow heart rate), Tachycardia (rapid heart rate), Heart Palpitations, Pounding heart

    Clenching jaw, especially during sleep (TMJ)


    Increased susceptibility to illness, stress on the immune system

    Diminished Motor Skills – Clumsiness, Coordination Problems, Difficulty walking, Dropping things, Falling down

    Dizziness/Vertigo/Balance Issues (General vestibular disturbances)


    Dysautonomia Symptoms

    Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty)




    Fasciculations (benign)


    Flu-Like Symptoms

    Frequent Urination

    Gastrointestinal Symptoms

    Grinding Teeth / TMJ problms

    Hair Loss


    Hearing loss or changes

    Hormonal Issues

    Hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound frequency)

    Inner Vibrating or Buzzing

    Intolerance to cold and heat

    Itching/Skin Rashes/Hives

    Joint Pain (And other joint issues)


    Loss of Coordination


    Menstrual Issues

    Migraine with or without aura

    Motion sickness susceptibility

    Muscle Symptoms – Clenching, Cramping, Loss of muscle tone, Over-or under-active muscle reflexes, Pain, Spasms, Squeezing, Stiffness, Tension, Twitching

    Nerve Pain

    Paresthesia – Tingling, tickling, prickling, numbness, burning of skin

    Perceptual disturbance (feeling of being on a boat, feelings of unreality, deja vu, etc.)

    Peripheral Neuropathy



    Respiratory – Shortness of breath, Can’t get deep breath, Labored breathing, Over-breathing

    Sensitivity to light and sound

    Sensitivity to smells, including naturally occurring smells or chemicals such as fragrance

    Sensitivity to temperature, weather and pressure changes


    Sleep Issues – Excessive sleeping, Insomnia, Myoclonic jerks, Sleep paralysis, No dreaming, Vivid dreaming, Nightmares

    Slurred Speech


    Tachycardia between doses or in the morning, or generalized

    Tight Throat/Ball-in-throat sensation

    Tinnitus (Ringing or pulsatile effects in ears)


    Vision Issues – blurred vision, seeing spots, grainy visions, after-images, sensitivities

    Weight Loss

    Withdrawal symptoms that will intensify between doses or near dosing times


Source:  w-bad.org

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on simillar time frame about 4 months off 40mg valium over 10yrs, heart rate jumps to double sometimes with little physical activity, i had my arms cramp one day working outside scary crap, but worst symptom im always sort of jittery or weak, my legs feel like tree stumps or jelly past month, its as if anxiety is there at all times, and does make you question is that the best youll get.
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