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Hi I quit Xanax for 5 yrs but started taking them again as needed .5 milligrams then moved up to1 mg once a day for the last 6 months!decided to quit again,cut my dose down to .5 mg once a day!its been a week and have been highly agitated but am determined to quit for life!wondering what my next step down  from .5 should be how many milligrams and how long since initial step down?
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Hello  Stcroixbankrobber73!


We are very glad that you found us!


I am sorry to hear you are struggling with withdrawal symptoms from Xanax. Sounds like you are determined to get off benzo. Wise decision. We recommend tapering at he rate of 5-10% every 10-14 days. I would also like to suggest that you do some research on the various boards. Find a method that will work for you. Becoming well informed should better enable you to make difficult decisions as well as provide you with the tools you need for a successful taper & recovery. You will find many knowledgeable members who will support your efforts to become benzo free. I have enclosed a few links below that may help you. Check them out!


Wishing you a smooth taper & speedy recovery!

Bella  :smitten:



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Taper Info:

Suggested reduction rate is 5%-10% every 10-14 days 

Create Your Own Taper Plan  by Jim Hawk 

You-Tube step-by-step  Tutorial Video

Other Tutorials:

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