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Switched to using scale - question


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4 days ago I started crushing my pills in a mortar and pestle and weighing my dosage out using a Gemini scale.

—**—Prior to that I was taking my morning dose (2mg) half in pill form and half in water.

Why I was doing that is bc I was doing water titration a year ago but stopped and held and just kept doing it this way. So I would break a 2mg pill and put half in water and take the other half by mouth.


Since 4 days ago, I am now taking my morning dose this way:

1mg by mouth and the other 1mg now I’m taking crushed in powder from the mortar and pestle weighed out.


I’m having extreme brain fog and fatigue today. Could that change of method cause a slight adjustment period? It’s the only thing I’ve done differently.


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