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My introduction comment to BenzoBuddies as a new member.


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I am a 69 year old woman who was prescribed a high dose of Valium by a Nurse Practitioner about five years ago for anxiety and panic attacks. I was prescribed 10 to 30 mgs. daily. Then out of no where, last January, my Health Clinic made the new rule that everybody over sixty would be taken off of benzos because it contributes to Alzheimer's Disease in people over sixty.  Well, I was over sixty when they prescribed it.  Go figure?



Anyway, I am now down to 1 and 1/2 mgs. daily and I truly need support very badly. No one understands really who has not gone through it and I would love to hear how others are dealing with it and how they came out on the other side.  I need the support of those who really get it.  Thanks.

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Hello LifeLearner!


We are very glad that you found us! It sounds like you have a great start with your taper.  Many others here have gotten yanked off benzos too, you are not alone , seek out others to help you in your journey :thumbsup:


I would like to suggest that you do some research on the various boards. Becoming well informed should better enable you to make difficult decisions as well as provide you with the tools you need for a successful taper & recovery.  You will find many knowledgeable members who will support your efforts to be benzo free. I have enclosed a few links below that may help you. Check them out!


Wishing you a smooth taper & speedy recovery!

Bella  :smitten:




Please take the time to tell us about your history by creating a signature:


For a direct link:


Create a Signature <--- CLICK HERE 




Professor Heather Ashton's



Taper Info:


Suggested reduction rate is 5% - 10% every 10 - 14 days 

Create Your Own Taper Plan  by Jim Hawk 

You-Tube step-by-step Tutorial Video

Other Tutorials:

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Hi LifeLearner - you will get loads of support here. You have gone down a lot in your Valium dose - congratulations. How did you taper down and what method did you use?


I am also tapering Valium.


You should add a signature to your profile so people know your history with benzos.


You will get support and you will heal!

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