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For those who quit benzos several times


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I have quit them several times myself, although the first two I did not put in my sig because I was on sporadic use. I'll put how long each time below


2007 - 1 month sporadic use of .50 - 1mg Xanax  (3 week mental hell withdrawal and then was completely back to normal) 

2009 - 2 weeks sporadic use .5 Clonazepam (No withdrawal at all)

2011 - Prescribed Clonazepam again for the next 7 years (final does 2mg/Day) - 9 Months post taper and still dealing with all sorts of symptoms but I do function.


I don't think there is any sort of pattern per say in my withdrawal other than the worst is when I have been on a larger dose for a long period of time. The one thing I do remember is that my first withdrawal ended abruptly..I didn't have any more symptoms come back and repeat like they do now. So, I knew when I started this taper I was in the for the long haul with this withdrawal. There won't be a fourth one for me. This is it. I couldn't go through acute withdrawal again for all the money in the world.



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