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Losing muscle mass


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One of my biggest frustrations. i had an injury in august, and i need to gain muscle mass to learn how to walk again. The only thing is: the more i exercise the more mass i lose, and

i get left with just loose skin and bone.

Wth is going on. Is this withdrawal, do i have some kind of vitamin shortage, is it the insomnia :( i don't get it.

Doctor's think i just don't do my exercises enough, which is *** because i do them daily and i'm very motivated. Anyone?

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get your minerals checked by a blood test. But the levels have to be checked out of the whole blood, not the normal levels.

You cannot build up muscles if magnesium, potassium, sodium, cinc etc are low.

In addition to that I would eat more fat.


It helped me enormous to eat like this man told me: http://stevenacuff.com (he has also written a book)


Don't worry, there is a solution ..

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