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Happy New Year!


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I wish everyone a happy new year. I hope 2017 will be the year you completely heal.

Every year that passes, every month, day and hour your body is healing. Keep that in mind at the toughest of times.

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Hey MilkyWay;  Wishing you the very best year ahead.  Happy New Year!  :smitten:  While I've had positive information from you on at least one of my posts, tonight, when researching something, I started reading your posts, and .........    I don't know what made you come back here and assist so many people with so much wonderful information, but, while I started with your success story,  your posts to others have been just as  motivational and uplifting. 


Thanks for taking the time!  Today is a year since I gave up smoking (I thought 'somthing' was killing me), and I'm almost 8 months out from jumping.  Windows and waves happening, but my nerves are still screaming.  I am, nicely, a way out from the motility (stomach and swallowing) which seemed okay by about Month 5,  but still have gut issues, burning skin, bad sleeps 2 nights, flakey-dry fingernails and low BP.  I'm working part-time, tapering omeprazole, and almost cancelled sugar from my diet (same as you - have to have dark chocolate).  I take 2 x multi's (one with B's/C/A and the other with Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc/B's/C), and while I have alpha-lipoic acid, could only get the 200mg instead of 100mg and have been too scared.


I very much hope that this time next year, I can do what you have done, write a success story, and aka assist others on this road.


Heaps of thanks!!  :smitten::thumbsup:

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