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My supervisor gave me an annual evaluation today. Working there for the past 6 years, I always got good-outstanding evaluations. This year, my evaluation is only for 'satisfactory'. Honestly, I'm happy because I thought I was losing my job last month. I just felt even though the past 6  years my evaluation were good-outstanding, I always thought that I wasn't smart enough. But now thinking again, these benzo and antidepressant really have a negative impact on my brain. I noticed my memory got bad, sometimes took more time to do simple things, scared/nervous at meetings/talking to people in person or on phone, worry a lot, lack of confident, etc. I always thoughts it me, I never make a connection to these drugs. Now getting off them I Feel better but I am dealing with the wd symptoms which are horrible but I notice moments of improvements and clarity. My supervisor said some days I'm better and someday I was drawn into myself. I really hope that my cognition comes back and these drugs did not damage my brain. I hope for everyone to heal soon too.



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