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"Putting pills in the bank"


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Hey Buddies


Dont know if this story will bring anything new to ever lasting work of finding a way out of benzodizapines.


The last 2-3 weeks has been VERY good to me - almost too good to be true.


As you may read I was suddenly attacked by withdrawal symdroms 2 days ago. I have been thinking WHY.


I dident give it a thourght - but actually 4 days and 6 days ago i felt a sleep before taking my night-dose of 5 mg diazapam. The next morning the pill was still in the pill- box and I just thourght GREAT - am I doing so well that I can just miss a dose ?


Yeeeeah great itsent it... I tap sooo clever.


And two days later I almost felt out of my bed hitten by a panic attack, my heart was pumping, sweath was coming from everywhere. I really thourght I was going to die.


As descriped in my tread the other day I took my morningdose + 5 mg diazapam to make sure my panic attack was turned off.


And then I have been thinking. Diazapam is like building up in layers of bricks in a house. If I miss a dose the consequence may not come right away. The half time of Diazapam is 240 hours (REALLY)


So I think the tricker to my panic attack should be found in the two forgotten doses.


I "spent" half of the forgotten dose to get out of the panic attack - then after rethinking this situation over and over again i took 1/2 dose (2,5 mg diazapam) to make sure I was hitten again.


Now everything seems okay again.


I learn that there are absolutely no shortcuts in a taping plan. When I tap on diazapam 5 x 2 mg in short time is a huge dose to not take.


So if you forget a dose - have it taken later.


At last I found my tolerance dose very clear and that my taping plan must be very precice (for me), since I can detect so small inaccuracies.


And again -if I dident have the many millon words from all my Benzo Buddies and doctor Ashtons manual, I have never made it so far.


SO THANKS again dear-dear buddies and doctors for sharing and helping.

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Never skip a dose of benzo.  As you learned, with a long half-life benzo like diazepam, it may be several days to a week before you feel the effect, but you definitely will feel it.
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