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Merry Christmas


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HI all my friend, I want to say Merry Christmas to you and Happy new year!!!

May your next year be more happy and joyful!  God give you and me strength to go through this very difficult time. God bless you all and heal you all....inculiding me.

Cheers to the most strongest group of people on the Earth!


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Happy Christmas to all on BB.  I hope the festive season will bring some moments of pleasure and that everyone will experience good healing in 2017.


Fiona  :thumbsup:

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I know Christmas is hard for many here at BB, but for just one day I am Praying that all here can find something to feel good about,

during this Glorious Day, and may all be healed soon.  :)



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Meeeeeeeeeeerry Christmaaaaas to youuuuu!  :clap:


This year we have given our best,

next year we deserve

- winning in a lottery

- lots of cookies and cakes

- fun and joy all the time

- beging free from all symptoms


... where can I send these wishes please?


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May this time of year bring healing, comfort and hope to all Buddies!


And a big thank you to the BB founders, admins, moderators and the many Buddies who post, share and help.



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Merry Christmas Benzo Buddies. may 2017 be the year of the medical profession doing something about benzo dependance. I think we may be getting closer to an approach of caring and compassion.
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