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2 months off Xanax Ct Detox Dr visit today no help and no end in sight!


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I'm losing hope fast! My symptoms are horrific and a complete night And dibilatating. My brain feels like it's been permanently damaged and I can't take it anymore! Severe confusion, losing touch with reality, can't even talk to anyone without my brain having all kinds of crazy and evil going on inside! The head pressure, burning, tingling, head in a vice is horrific and a nightmare! DP, DR, and horrible evil cloud of intrusive thoughts in my head I don't even control it anymore it's just there and I have to grab my head try to find whatever little part of me that's left to fight it off! I feel like I'm psycho and my thoughts are not my own! I feel like I'm gonna die went to the grocery store last night and couldn't even hardly walk without fear of falling over and passing out being extremely confused and not even knowing what was hardly going on! Went into the bathroom at the doctor and all I could do is grab my head and scream and cry out I want my brain back! Even writing this o just have all that physical pain in my brain and just this evil cloud surrounding my mind! All of this and when I talked to the doctor today about my symptoms and what to do with the Zoloft I'm taking and if it might be making it worse all she wanted to do is up the dose in Zoloft to 200mg from 100mg and put my on a antipsychotic drug on top of that! It's crazy! These doctors have no clue and all they want to do is keep pushing more drugs down your throat when it was the drugs that destroyed my brain and my life to begin with! Needless to say I'm trying to switch doctors after today but looking for some help advice and hope cause this is miserable and it's still hard for me to understand how people can take these drugs for longer periods of time and higher doses and have little to no WD or atleast see some improvement after 2 months but mine seem to be getting worse and not better!
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