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Hi; I'm a care giver to my spouse who has been benzo free (and all other drugs except tylenol) for just over two years. My spouse has been experiencing a wide range of post acute withdrawal symtoms including insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, GI spasms, parathesia in feet and legs and most recently skin rash and hives on her back. Together we will defeat the benzo beast. Time and patience is our prescription.
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Hello, Kerr Giver  :) - welcome to BenzoBuddies!


Congratulations to your spouse for being benzo-free - sorry that she is still suffering from the aftereffects of withdrawal, but you'll find plenty of members here who can offer insight on protracted recovery. Yes, we will defeat the benzo beast! :thumbsup:


I'm so glad you decided to join the forum - you'll find plenty of information and support here. Our members have gone through all aspects of benzodiazepine use and withdrawal, so you'll be able to connect with others who understand what you're going through and can tell you what has worked for them.


Please feel free to post to any of the specialized boards, which can all be accessed from the BenzoBuddies Community Forum homepage. Based on the information provided in your introduction, the following link may be a good starting place for you.


  Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


When you have a chance, we highly recommend that you take a look at The Ashton Manual, which is an authoritative source on what to expect during withdrawal and recovery, authored by Dr Heather Ashton, who is an expert in the field. It provides a great deal of information that can be very reassuring during any stage of this process, including a list of common symptoms with helpful explanations.


Please take the time to Create a Signature. This will allow members to see where you are in the process, so that they can better support you.


Again, welcome!

Leslie  :smitten:

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LOL, I wonder how many ppl will understand your play on "sound alike" words when the pronunciation in most places isn't the long A !!

Welcome and thank you for being so available to help your spouse through this long journey....I hope you can put his Benzo history into a signature line so we can better help you and him.

Maybe we are cousins?

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