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any tax experts here for a question??


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Hi guys! im 11 mo out and feeling pretty good but was collecting all my tax info for cpa last night and got real depressed and even worried, reading over all the dr appts, etc (I spent 10,000 on this wd ordeal) I tell myself this year will be so great and no more drs and massage and vitamins etc and ill be working and saving money and staying healthy!! But seriously freaked out by the numbers


SO... Id like to be in the range to qaulify for obamacare again, hearing many drs dont take medicaid. I can qualify to write off these expenses i think

Has anyone here ever done this? I can move around some income numbers if I need to, esp since i may make more next year. T"he key word is "eligable" unreimbursed expenses. I did craniosacral therapy and accupuncture which arent mainstream and no MD referred me, I just read about it and decided it could help.


btw i didnt actually go to a job for last few yrs-i have rental incomes, luckily!

thanks for any advice!

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If you're renting out homes your family's income (must have join if married) will most certainly not qualify you for Obamacare. Anything else, PM me.
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