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This is how I have been tapering for the last year or so.

Hope it may help others.


I did the dissolving 1 mg Valium in 100 ml of whole milk .

It went ok but I would get terrible brain fog and pull the wrong amount too often.


I then got Actavis  liquid Valium, uk only as far as I know.

It is 5 ml = 2 mg

Actavis are the only manufacturer of liquid Valium in UK.

My GP prescribes me 2 100 mil bottles at a time.


This is the easy bit (hopefully)

Get a 1 mil syringe from pharmacist.

I bought a box of 100 online for £10.


If you want to withdraw 1 mg over 24 days simply pull 2.4 mils of liquid Valium and squirt into glass. That's 2 full 1 mil syringes and .4. Top up with some water and swivel glass and drink.

Rinse glass a few times drinking each time, to get any residue.

Next day pull 2.3 mils and so on.


To drop 1 mg in 48 days pull 2.4 mils for two days then 2.3 and so on.


Currently I am on my way down to 1 mg from 20 mgs.

I pull 2.4 for 3 days then 2.3 for 3 days .... this will take 72 days.


I also did a few mgs at 2.4 for 3 days then 2.3 for 2 days and so on took about 60 days.


You could do 4 day holds which would take 96 days.


One other tip is before dropping syringe contents into glass wipe sticky syrupy Valium from outside of syringe as it sometimes drips into glass messing up dose.


I use a scale to measure the other 1 mg in pill form as the liquid costs £25 a bottle and I am saving NHS a few quid.


You can always hold if sxs ramp up at any dose.

I have not had to do this so far.

I have never made a mistake in dosing as I did using milk.



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Has anyone at all switched from pills to oral solution Diazepam?

My solution is 2mg per 5ml

I'm in the Uk


Most folks who taper with liquid take a combo of pills and liquid, using the liquid for the "cut" portion of the dose.


For example, at 5.5mg, you could take 5mg by tablet, and the rest with liquid, reducing the liquid each day.  I used a combination of tablets and Rx liquid V.


BTW, if you dilute your 2mg=5ml liquid with 15 parts water, you then have a 1mg=10ml solution, which makes it very easy to calculate your doses and cuts.

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