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Hey buddies


So - now I have been taping for about 2,5 mounth. I have beem taken 20-30mg for 5-10 years.


I tap 0,08 mg pr day and using diazapam in my taping process.


I had a panic attack 2 weeks ago - a "buddy" told me to shift to long benzoés. So i did.. I found my tolerance to be about 12,5 mg a day.


Today I am at 11,2mg and the last 2 weeks has been almost normal.


When I faced how hard my taping would be I quit my job and used our Danish welfare system to have an income. I have asked for 12 mounth to be free of benzo'es. After this my boss will have a much better salesman in his shop and he fully understand my situatiom  :) :)


Right now I am thinking - will the last part of the taping be harder ?


I have been offered a free state-supported benzo-withdrawal terapi ... it contains kognitive terapi, group-meeting, massage and accupunktural treatment. But I do live out in a small city and have to drive 1 hour to get there once or twice pr week.


Right now I do not feel the need for it - if I get worse, then ok. I have a contact person, she calls me 2 times pr week just to make sure I am okay.


Today I went to see my doctor. He also keep an eye on me. So I think I am allready beeing supported the best possible way by joining Benzo Buddies. Your knowledge is far more deep than bouth the doctors and the therapists. Actually my doctor asked me to come to our local healthclinic and tell about Benzo Buddies when I have finished my taping. He was interested in my micro taping. He admitted that his medical group could need having thier knowledge upgraded. So if I feel for it when I have fimished this I may stand up and teach doctors a lesson ;D:laugh:


Have nice day dear buddies...



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