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Joint pain


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I am 6 weeks off of klonopin. It scares me to see the symptoms in others 2 yrs out. I don't think I could handle feeling like this that long. I was on 1 mg at night for almost 3 yrs. Taken off too quickly by the psych dr so I went back to 0.5 and tapered slowly. I used to have pain that moved around my body throughout the taper. Then later on it stuck in my knees and feet. It still remains and now my fingers swell and my knuckles hurt. I'm worried I'm getting rheumatoid arthritis on top of this, my mom has that bad so I'm going to a specialist. This has caused extreme anxiety so I have appetite loss and don't sleep well. Less bothersome I have dizziness that comes and goes and facial numbness. I never see anyone saying their joint pain resolved. I'm really feeling hopeless at this point!  Why did I  ever go on this med!
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