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Neurontin taper plan


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As a general rule, all CNS drugs can be treated the same: for starters, set your sites on 10% a month and go from there based on how you feel.
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I have made several cuts. Both were a little more than ten percent and cause some pretty rough symptoms, which were very benzodiazepine withdrawal like, but not quite as bad.
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Ok yes maybe I would do 5 percent

I am still on 200 mg three times daily

I just want to see what I am in for. If this is the right Med for me

It's helped w my Akathesia

But my Akathesia is still underneath all of these medications

If that makes sense

I am just not functional and very frustrated bc of that.

It's helping the severe pain in my chest and burning nerve pain and Akathesia

So I guess yes it's working but I fear at a price

However without it I felt I was in a life or death situation. Still holding : 1mg valium

15 mg remeron now this. How did I end up here?! Argh

Thank you guys

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I hear word that once you get below 500 mg it can get hard. Some have a hard time from the beginning. A few have little problems .



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Hi, For what its worth, I was on Gabapentin 600mg/d post accident for a few yrs. but it was for nerve damage and had no benzo type meds... I just faded it out without thinking about it... but there were later times, months apart, when i had to take three times that in a day, and then stop.. (no longer needed)... all i noticed was a hangover type feeling... but this was just me, and a last resort... i am NOT recomending rapid start stop as needed... but i would guess most people can drop off fairly firmly, if nothing adverse is noticed... my 14yo recently broke both his arms, and damaged his ulna nerve... 100mg/d for 5wks... then the Drs just stopped it cold... but again, no benzo type meds... Hope this helps a little...
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Yes pre benzo I don't think I would have trouble

It's covering the Benzo w/d underneath

I just pray I can heal from benzo while on it

Doctors say yes

Benzo buddies and jennifer Leigh etc say no

But it was life or death for me

It was either reinstate, die or get on a Med

I have two kids

I wasn't going to be stupid

Thank you!!!

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