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The valium help I have lived


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I have heard so much about benzobuddies and to be with people that understand is a great help.

To make my story brief I was put on valium for anxiety.

I took just one and for the first time in 20 years peace and calmness. I couldn't believe it,and I wish I didn't as I quickly became dependant and was quickly up to 120mg. Living hell as I weened off them and now two years later 8 days free.

Now the struggle has began as I am feeling so many side effects.I need benzo buddies help

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Hello Auzziemanz :hug: Welcome to benzobuddies


You are going to be okay, you will get through this.  Well done on your taper and congratulations on being benzo free.  Withdrawal symptoms can be very severe at first, it will get easier with time.  It can take quite a while for withdrawal symptoms to settle down, but they will go eventually.


Please feel free to ask questions, we have many supportive and kind members here who will support you and give sound advice. Feel free to check out the forum and post to any of our dedicated threads.


The Ashton Manual is a very good resource about benzo withdrawal.  It will give you information about the recovery process.


I will leave you a couple of useful links:


Professor Ashtons Manual


Post withdrawal recovery support.




If you would be so kind as to add a signature (history of meds/doses etc) it will help members give you relevant advice this link will show you how to  ”Create a signature”


Welcome aboard




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