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Should I start over


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Hi I just joined and I have been on a long term taper from 1mg of lorezepam 3 times a day! I got off lorezepam and started on the Heather Ashton Manual which starts you off at 10mg of diazepam three times a day!


To make this short (because I have to see my Doc in couple hours) I am now down to 12mg of diazepam and I was doing these steps at 3 weeks at a time, decreasing at 2mg every 3 weeks! I don't know if I should start over and do 1mg every 4 weeks!


Where I'm at now is I take 2mg in morning and 10mg iat night! I find myself not taking showers for 3 weeks, thoughts of suicide, loss of appetite, depressed, lack of sleep (O) last nite, even though I take 200mgs of Amitriptilene and one other med 30mg can't think what it is right now! I think that is enough for me to write at this time!


I have been a heavy drug user all my life (done everything under the sun) I'm 78 years old, need help on this subjet and I don't know what my Doc is going to say to-day! I do remember that when I got to 20mg of diazepam I felt good, and it seems when I started to go down below that, it seemed to get worse for me! I remember my Doc said that I was going to feel much better when I got off them!


That is not the case for me right now and I am not going to live that much longer (meaning being at my age) is it all worth it? I do not have any quality of life at this moment! I will leave it here for now till I hear back from some else! Thank You!

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Welcome to BenzoBuddies, Justsayno.


Congrats on your progress so far!  This can be a tough process, though I agree with your doctor that it is worth it and you are very likely to feel better once your taper is over and a bit of time has passed.  I was also a long term user of 30 years or so, and have now been off for over four years.  It was the best health decision I could have made, but of course this is a decision  everyone has to weigh for themselves.


I would suggest starting by asking for opinions about your taper in General Taper Plans and help with symptoms in Withdrawal Support.


Please take some time to Create a Signature. This will help other members understand your history so they will be better able to support you.

Go to the top of the page and select Profile, then choose Forum Profile, insert drug history/timelines into the text box and click Change Profile.


Take care,

Challis  :smitten:

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