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My symptoms so far


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I had a no on increasing my benzo and starting another taper plan. I have a few little fragments of Klonopin and I went in to the psych. complaining of anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, panic. She said no. No klonopin. The clinic will not prescribe it.

Also I am easily startled and have body zaps.


I was given more gabapentin and an antihistamine which helps some. I thought I'd go nuts. I feel like I will never be able to live without my med. I am a terribly anxious person with constant upset and worry.


The body zaps scare me. I have had similar feelings before. I'm mad that nobody wants to help me. I mean do they seriously believe I can lead a normal life on their stupid taper? Even with the little bit I added I was emotionally upset all the time.I eventually cheated on my taper and took more. Screwed it up....no mercy, no klonopin pills. Maybe I will find a better doctor. (They don't know I have some small fragments of Klonopin left).


How do you all get by? How do you manage? I didn't think it'd come to this. I feel like a druggie yet I feel like I need my pills at least to taper more slowly. I even asked my PCP for a scrip. She got kind of serious and said it was against the law to give me any.



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I have no idea how fast your taper was but your pcp sounds like a piece of work.

It is not against the law. The DEA is trying to make anxiety and pain illegal. Its insane, but they are not there yet. Your dr is limited on the amount he or she can prescribe thanks ti the DEA but not to you, to all the patients together.

300 mg of gabapentin daily is not that much, you could ask for an increase in that.

Or you can go internet shopping for klinopin.

Depends on how fast you tapered and are you ready to be off

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I guess she meant by law she herself cannot prescribe. She's really a nice doctor but she's not a psych. Family doctors get nervous when we bring up needing a benzo. She said plainly she could not give me klonopin. Gabapentin has been increased. I'll update that.
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Isn't it crazy? The clinic where I got my klonopin said they have a policy now that they can't give it to people. I don't get it. I wish they had given me a paper that said that. They are the psych. I go to for meds in the first place and the doctor was saying how people were abusing them and going to different places just to get all kinds of pills to take and mix the drugs and that it was killing people. Maybe so. Yeah I don't know what the law in my state is on the drug.


I don't see how they are forbidden to prescribe it anymore. Maybe in more private practice s they can prescribe. If I got back on them for awhile I'd be afraid that the doctor would disappear or suddenly stop giving them. I don't want to go through withdrawal hell all over again.

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I see. What probably happened is that your clinic got in trouble with the DEA for some reason. Some doctor was prescribing incorrectly or something. It is insane. To get my percocet I have to go in every two months, get a paper prescription to take in person to my pharmacy, and pee in a cup once in a while

Plus I cannot get any extra, they used to give me extra for holidays when pharmacies are closed. Now I know I have to keep backup by doing without a dose here and there.

So if any doctor at the clinic breaks ANY of the rules, ie faxing rx, giving refills, giving extra, the DEA will threaten to pull their license.

Maybe in this case the DEA just told them to quit prescibing that.

All because the DEA cant get rid of drug dealers their war against drugs is now a war on patients and doctors

You are right to be afraid that you will not find another doctor who will prescribe

Thats one of the reasons I decided to taper, that and hitting tolerance

I was so afraid of losing my percocet I was totally ignorant of how I could face a life threatening ct of klonopin

I hope the gabapentin works for you

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