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Computer Monitor is too bright.


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Not sure if this is the best forum area for this but...


My better half's computer monitor is too bright because of her over sensitivity to light.  That's one of the many withdrawal symptoms she has.  I'm looking for a solution.  Her monitor brightness settings don't adjust low enough.  Anybody have experience with this problem?  Is there a monitor that you all are more comfortable using?  Is there a monitor spec for this unusual condition?


Thanks in advance.

Old Hackberry. 

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I recommend using f.lux, it's a great software that regulates the brightness of your screen, great if you're having trouble falling asleep too :)


Yes thats what I use, too. Saved my life in acute withdrawal.

It is free of cost, just download it here



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I couldn't get f.lux to work/download.  Not joking:  Try orange safety glasses from Amazon. They fit over my regular glasses and helped a lot when I needed to cut the brightness and also the blue light from my computer and iPad.
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Thanks everybody for your help.  The program seems to help my better half.


Interestingly, my doctor's office posted this information on FB since I started this thread:


How dark is your bedroom? This study shows that even sleeping under 10 lux light for just one night had decreased working memory & brain function. 10 Lux would be equivalent to the amount of light from one candle 1 foot away. A full moon is about 0.1 Lux and full daylight is about 10,000 Lux. If you are going to have a night light you should use a red or green light and avoid blue light as blue light decreases melatonin production. If you are going to be working on your computer or phone, I would recommend installing a program like f.lux or twilight that automatically decreases blue light after sunset.



Decrease in fMRI brain activation during working memory performed after sleeping under 10 lux light

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of exposure to dim light at night (dLAN) when sleeping on functional brain activation during a working-memory…



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By doing a quick search on-line, I came across a write up about the EIZO monitor's ability to work well at low brightness levels.


I submitted the following to the company through their website:


"My wife was prescribed Clonazepam (a benzo) 5 or 6 years ago and is currently going through a long nightmarish withdrawal from the drug. One of her many many withdrawal symptoms is a hyper sensitivity to light. As a result, she struggles with her current computer monitor (Samsung) because the brightness cannot be adjusted low enough. I'm considering an EV2450 as a replacement. I see the EV2450 can be adjusted down to 1% of it's maximum brightness. Can you tell me how much lower this minimum brightness level is than a typical monitor? Thank you!"


This is their response (with name changed to protect the innocent):


Good Morning Old Hackberry,


EIZO’s EV2450FX-BK is less than 3 cd/m2 while the typical competitor monitor goes down to 30 cd/m2.


Let us know if you have any further questions.


Best Regards,



So, I have one on order.  We'll let you all know how it works out.  Note, it is a bit pricey but has other features to help eye strain, etc.



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