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2.5 Klonopin and 11.25 Zoplicone Long time- FINALLY benzo free


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Yes!!! The day has come - after such a  long tapper off 2.5 K and 11.25 Zop- totally benzo free!!!!Its been a very long and difficult road. I will write a longer post soon sharing my experiences so far. I have a long way to go  till I fully heal but I am feeling so much better!!

Getting off the z drug seemed to have been the key. I still have sleep problems but many of my sx are much better- brain pressure is gone which is a miracle for me and brain fog much much better. I still have some cognitive problems but they are getting better. Getting my sleep back is going to be a big challenge but I am so much better off these drugs already.

I cannot even imagine what this journey would have been like without this amazing forum.

Many many thanks and lots of love




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