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what do you do?


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Literally my biggest problem... this is my 4th time doing this horrible process. and honestly i'm even thinking of staying on this poison just to avoid what i know whats coming.. and thats a bit scary because im in my early 20s..


So  the question is.. what do you do all day everyday... I feel guilty because im home all day on my computer. This goes hand in hand i guess because i used be an agoraphobic WHICH i definitely think was CREATED by my computer addiction long... before.. any medication was involved... and if anything klonopin probably saved my life and actually made me get a life.


As one sufferer to probably another one, what advice would you give me? quit computers and just stay home all day and be bored with my life until taper is over? because i know i definitely can't work during withdrawal. I can't even wash dishes during all my last attempts. thank you if you read all of this lol ...


I know most of you will probably say do not stay on the drug, and sadly you're probably right at this point because when i did go back to my original daily  dose of 2.0mg of k-pins i actually felt withdrawal during work, im guessing my brain is shot from the re-tapering i've done...

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