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B-12 removed my migraine for good.


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Even before I touched a benzo I had migraines, these got alot worse during withdrawal. After I was done with my withdrawal I was once again left with migraines. By accident I took a higher dose of B-12 than I usually take, last week. That day my migraine was gone, so I went through my day, wrote down what I ate and what I did, so I perhaps could find a clue to how I cured my migraine. I then found out that I had taken two B-12 tablets, not one B-12 and one D3. So the next day I took two B-12 tablets instead of one, and I did this all week long. And I no longer have migraines! Wow! This is something I have been living with for decades, and the solution was right there! Also, my gp always told me I had good levels of B-12 in my blood, but obviously not. Humans are different, what's considered normal levels for someone might not be a normal level for others.

I would recommend you try this out, I take two 500ug tablets, so in total 1000ug. Thats a small dose actually. Give it a try, these a dirt cheap vitamins, you can get them anywhere.

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