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I'm almost at 21 months off. Lots of healing everywhere but not quite all the way there yet ...almost. I just had a bought of bad fatigue, joint pain, tendon pain. Racing heart and heavy heart beat. I had to stop exercising. I could not figure it out, me this far out. I was so tired. Even if i went to bed early I could not get up and I felt flu- ish.  I did not assign these symptoms to the benzo damage/healing because of being this far out. But my Husband was complaining of some symptoms that were like mine and he never took a benzo. My symptoms were by far worse than his.


His was joint pain and feeling really tired.


Mine were:

Heavy heart beat and racing heart.

Electrical type sensations rushing through my body.

Aching joint pain, knees (which I never had a problem before) shoulders and ankles.

Muscle fatigue and aching (no nerve or sharp pains just dull aching)

Extreme fatigue - I could not get anything done and everything was draining.

I felt like I had a hangover all the time.

I didn't have any anxiety or anything like that.


My Husband said he was going to turn down the mattress pad heat because he thought that was his problem, he said he was turning his side to Low. I asked him to turn my side off.


I felt better the next morning. Heart rate was back to normal, no heavy heart beat or racing heart. The aching was a lot better I felt relief and just a little sore. The fatigue was less. So I kept it off and by the third day I barely have any pain in the knee and most of the fatigue is gone. So either I had a wav 21 months later or the heated mattress pad aggravated my CNS because I know it was CNS symptoms.

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