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Klonopin still works for specific intended purpose but tolerance sxs exist


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I have been wanted to point out something in hopes that it will bring some kind of relief or understanding to those who feel that their benzos have become completely ineffective.  Sadly, many are left to gauge this by their level of anxiety (the problem for which they were prescribed benzos in the first place) and that is not such an easy thing to measure.


I was put on 2mgs of Klonopin for a Body Focused Repetitive Disorder (BFRD) called trichotillomania (hair pulling.)  I struggled with the uncontrollable urge to pull my eyelashes out from first grade until age 36 when Klonopin just made it stop, entirely. 


After 12 years on Klonopin, I am non functional though.  I suffer from most of the long term use effects that are reported with long term benzo use.  I want off of them because I am suffering from severe memory loss, inability to concentrate and an overall inability to function normally or maintain any kind of a reasonable daily routine.  I feel like I have been driven to the brink of insanity.  I want off of this stuff.  I think.  I still works though.  I would have done anything to make my condition stop but for most of my life, there just wasn't anything I could do about it until it was discovered that, in my case, 2mgs of Klonopin per day sent the disorder into complete remission. 


It is still in remission today even after tapering from 2mgs of Klonopin per day down to 1.25mgs.  I fully expect the trichotillomania to return at a point but it does still remain in complete remission at this lower dose of Klonopin.  This makes me realize that the Klonopin is not doing absolutely nothing as I had at a point decided was the case when I could relate so well to the benzo tolerance symptoms. 


I am just hoping that it will help people to recognize that this medication is still effective despite having been on the exact same daily dose for 12 years and suffering from the tolerance symptoms it causes.  I just find that somewhat comforting and hope that others will too. 


Obviously, the medication backfired and created a lot of unwanted symptoms but the idea that it is completely ineffective after long term use can be ruled out by my own experience, I feel.  It is still working for trichotillomania somehow. 


It is very difficult for me to decide to go back to suffering with this awful disorder and I am not entirely convinced that I will be able to do so.  I am going to try taking Xanax on an 'as needed' basis once I have successfully tapered off of the clonazepam.  I know it's a slippery slope though and am not even sure it would work since I strongly suspect that Klonopin worked because it was built up in my bloodstream at all times.  I'm not so sure taking a Xanax to stop an episode would even work but I intend to explore this possibility. 


Anyhow, I really just wanted to point out to others that Klonopin still works for its intended purpose despite also causing an array of unwanted effects.  It just helps me to know that it is obviously doing something besides keeping me physically addicted to it while forced to endure some rather unpleasant effects for just being on it. 



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