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Severe pain at 19 months off !


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I CT`d 19 months ago and still getting severe pain in my back. 

This is worse every other day....on the alternative day I`m just about able to cope, although I`m still in pain...then back to hell again the next!


I`ve had a CT scan on my back ...all clear and I am absolutely confused as to why it gets a bit less on day one...but back to severe day two?


On the `better` days I get other sx kick in and the pain days ....just the pain?


Anyone having this happen? Or having pain still this far out, I`d really appreciate some feed back ...thanks


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Hi Nevercantell,Its wen :).So sorry for your back pain.I am getting pain in my ribs and more benzo stomach issues.I think the stomach has a whole lot to do with any pain any where.How is your diet?Are you sleeping any?Its a tough rd but we are still here.I hope you get some relief?I am now working on 20 months and it has been brutal.Have you done baths or light stretching has anything really helped with your pain?Just wanted you to know Im right with ya,and thinking about you!!!wen :)
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Hi wen, sorry to see you`re still suffering too. 


I`m hoping this pain is almost my last sx, I get others but they`re slowly getting better and for the most part I can handle them. I sleep ok but often wake early at 4 am which from what we`ve seen from others is probably the cortisol surge 1st thing.

I discovered diet plays a big part in this!  I was sceptical at first but found that anytime I ate high histamine food I began sweating and went into a wave!  It happened too many times to consider it a coincidence.


My worst sx has been back pain all the way and its weird because every other day it changes from muscle stiffness, to the next day when its nerve pain in the same muscles. This has moved about my back but mostly in my left butt muscle, of all places.


Went to see a physiotherapist a few days ago, who said the muscles are very stiff, he gave me some exercises to try but gently as too much could make things worse. And yes I have hot baths ...but so far nothing seems to work, not pain pills or anything really.


Thanks for thinking of me, we must be getting there now eh? 


Thinking of you too my friend.





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