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Having a pity party


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I'm near tears and no one around me understands

Not my family.  Not anyone


I don't know who I am anymore.

I'm not who I was

I don't do the things I used to

I can't eat the foods I used to eat. Actually there are a few foods I can eat and not feel sick after

My adrenaline rushes so many times a day, I am restless so I can't relax, my skin on my arms burn and the cold makes all my Symptoms worse

Not one doctor thinks this could possibly still be withdraw

I get med after med thrown at me

I get supplement after supplement

I get put on hormones that may or may help or may hurt


is this ME or is it benzo withdraw!


I have no more in me

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Im with u is it me or the withdrawl i been to a nerologist and ra my pcp cause i feel like im losing my life from this

The itchying non stop muscle spams vibration in my body...how do we know of we have something wrong anymore or its that devil med they gave us

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