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Ativan taper: Please please help


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Please help me.


I've posted before.  I'm stuck at .375 mg Ativan (once at night), 1.5 ml valium (once in the morning) . Discovered I was dependent in August, after two months use.  Going downhill ever since.  Doc has prescribed antidepressants, other meds, but left the benzos in place.  I've been experiencing worse and worse withdrawal symptoms, which are now disabling.  Need practical answers/solutions.


Even though I've read many posts here I can't figure out for myself how to fix my situation.


Question one:  New doc has proposed direct taper of Ativan ("white knuckle plan" she calls it) at 01. or 02. stepdown every one to two weeks with either concentrated liquid or capsules, taken 3x a day.  Since I am already very symptomatic at my current dose level, won't this stepdown prolong/increase withdrawal?  What to do?


Question two:  Other doc would do a crossover to valium but only know how to do gross dry cuts at 1/4 of a pill.  Can anyone tell me what the Ashton Method crossover would be for this, probably starting at .4 mg Ativan. (Not description, but an actual designed plan, with steps, how to measure the Ativan doses (I have liquid valium, don't have liquid Ativan but could get concentrate.  Then I would need instruction as to how to produce the doses.)


I appreciate the goodwill on the forum but I need the practical do this then that info. 


Please respond with formulas, plans--practical straightforward stuff I can implement and follow.


Heartfelt thanks.

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