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Coping with insomnia during ( and after) taper


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I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on using non GABAa targeted drugs for sleep when tapering? Specifically, highly sedating drugs like mirtazapine and quetapine.


The knowledge I have gained at this site far surpasses what I get from my Psychiatrist. I am now putting a lot more faith in what I read here than what I hear from him. He was not  familiar with the Ashton Manual so that was a big red flag for me. He suggested I could omit a daily does of Klonopin, during my taper, without issues and no need to be cutting the pills into such small doses.


I am hopeful, once totally off the  Klonopin, I can start to drop the above mentioned sedating drugs as well. My issue is/was insomnia runs in the family. Mother had it, brother has it and even my 6 year old grandson requires melatonin to get to sleep.


I always needed 7-8 hours of sleep but when I began experiencing sleep maintenance and initiation issues 18 years ago, I realized my " normal"sleep structure was going to be forever altered. 15 years ago a so called Sleep Doc hands me an RX for Ambien (20 mg a night) and says you will be on these for the rest of your life!!


With this last withdrawal, I have promised myself, no more hypnotics even if I experience rough nights. Nor do I plan on using either of the sedating non hypnotics on a consistent basis. I will never again allow tolerance to build.


This board has been an invaluable asset for me. Thank you to all who make it so.



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