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Too much too fast?


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This is my first post here. I am only less than two months out since a major benzo taper. I fully understand that this process will take time, but I'm beginning to think when I went inpatient, they were too aggressive with my taper. Over Prescribed Benzo's for 10 years.

Finally ended up taking 6mg Klonipin and 6 mg Xanax per day

Went Inpatient 9/11/2016-9/18/2016 and tapered off all Xanax (6 mg)

And Tapered from 6mg Klonipin to 2mg per day.

Does anyone think this was too much, too fast? I felt great after I left the hospital, but my symptoms have been worse now and I am crawling out of my skin and feel like I can't take much more.

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That is quite fast .....

but you could be one of the lucky ones who can do that and be ok


If you start having further problems, find a doc that can work with you on a slower taper

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