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1 year this christmas


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I don't really visit this site anymore. It helped me a lot at times when I was overwhelmed by anxiety. But other times it kept me in a state of negativity. Sometimes it's better to focus on other things.


I did a really slow taper before quitting clonazepam altogether. I spent 4-5 years slowly tapering down, and then finally quit taking benzos altogether around last christmas. It was a really dark time in my life. The anxiety and depression was overwhelming at times.


The things that helped the most:


(1) Yoga. Focusing on your breathing (meditating) helped more than anything. Yoga makes it easier to clear my head than meditation by itself. The exercise as well as the meditation do wonders for treating anxiety. I highly recommend looking up some youtube videos and taking up yoga. Or even going to a yoga class. I continue to go to yoga to treat anxiety naturally.

(2) Exercise. There were times yoga wasnt enough. If you're in a frustration-infused mood, I suggest faster paced exercise. I enjoyed playing hockey, as well as using an elyptical machine. I got a job doing landscaping that helped with exercise, as well as helped give me something to focus my mind on.

(3)Mindset. If you have the right mindset, you can overcome anything. Things may be bleak, but keep pressing on. Do what you can to look forward. Some of the best art comes from people that have been through extremely dark times.

(4)Creativity. Find a way to be creative. Turn your darkness into something good. For me it was landscaping. I also had a job cooking. Playing a sport is another way to be creative (hockey for me).

(5) Find Support. My family was very supportive for me, as were people on here, and I had a good friend that stuck with me.

(6) Probiotics. Probiotic yogurt helped with my stomach problems. Changing your diet can have a big impact--not only for your (physical) digestive problems due to withdrawl, but a good diet is good for your mood and mental health in general. Try to cut back on the bread a bit. Eat stuff thats easier on the stomach.


I haven't had withdrawal symptoms since last June. But if I drink alcohol, the symptoms come back. I'm going to continue to stay away from that.


Anyway, I just thought I'd share. With the right mindset you can get over this too.


Edit: My signature says I take an SSRI for depression. I took that the first 6 months when I was off of clonazepam. It helped control my depression at that time. But actually made my anxiety and depression worse. I haven't taken the SSRI since June.


So I am free of all drugs.

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Congratulations and thank you for coming back to post. Some of us live for success stories. Good luck to you, and have a great Christmas!
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Thanks for coming back to share your story and great advice!  I'm so glad you've recovered and doing so well.  :)


Wishing you the best,



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