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Almost half way.


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I'm almost down to 1mg from 2mg of lorazepam. I'm pleased that I made it this far, but I know I have a long road ahead before I can say I was successful.


I'm just wondering about what will happen once I do get off this drug? Will my brain eventually return to normal? How quickly do you think I'll be back to normal? It looks like I'll finish my taper in about 4 months if I decide to go slow. That would mean I spent a whole year under the influence of a benzo. And considering lorazepam is short acting I've been informed that post acute withdrawal may be a bit worse than a withdrawal from a longer acting benzo.


Also, do you think the second half of my taper will be easier? If I'm on a lower dose I suspect I'll be less likely to experience the crazy up and down I experienced at the beginning of my taper.


And this may be a bit premature... but at what MG should I jump? .25? .15? .05? I want to make sure I finish the taper safely.

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