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Toxic Reactions - RESCUE DOSES and ALCOHOL ???


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I don't believe in "toxic" reactions.  The glutamate is a known toxin for sure. Benzo are not toxic BUT they do 'harvest' Glutamate which is toxic.


A long time ago a buddy said to me in an email LOOK just take the BUMP test. 

I took a fast acting benzo like xanax or ativan and took one.  If one get's worse it's toxic, if one feels better then it's not toxic.  I took the pill excepting HELL but everything got so much better.  There's the proof.  This told me that I got "LOST" in my taper. At some point I lost my frame of reference of HOW bad I really felt since I had felt so bad for so long. I just flat out got lost in the pain and end up too low.  99% of the people I know here had similar results with the BUMP test. Will not work with valium too weak.


I also thought the bump would mess me up but I readjusted my dose and just keep tapering no problem.


Builder is right agree 110% :thumbsup:


Good luck Rob  :smitten:



So I was trying to find an answer to a question I had and this is the PERFECT POST.


Would the same go for alcohol? When I drink, I feel amazing, close to perfect after only a few. Would this be the same essentially as taking a Xanax for this 'bump test' ??

Of course after I feel much worse, so I do indeed think my problem is a taper gone haywire, especially considering I've made a bunch of 5-10% cuts and then two 15% cuts or so, all within a week or two of each other.

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I think you've answered your own question by saying that after the alcohol wears off you'd feel bad. I can't imagine it's worthy of a bump test. It's not a benzo! B
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