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Here for my wife and for me to understand this whole thing


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Hey guys, my reason for wanting to join benzobuddies is because my wife is trying to taper off and I need to support and help to understand this whole thing. I am doubtful it exists, but I can see how it can. Need some support myself so I can help her. We are looking for a reliable liquid titration method or something that will work for her....this seems like a nitemare that only gets worse. I am doing my best to understand this but it is testing my patience. I love her and want to be there for her. I want to familiarize myself with this whole benzo deal. I have taken them before and abused them and just quit taking them and didn't have any freak outs. I take them now for a specific reason, but I don't abuse them....actually I take about 6-8 .5 clonapin over a months time. Only when I really need one. I have Addisons disease and I shake at times...these help with that. I am here for her, not me though...I want to help and understand what she is going through.
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Hi  :) Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I am glad you found us today. i commend you for wanting to learn more. The majority of people can get off benzodiazepines with little to no problem, but for some it can be extremely difficult causing a host of unpleasant symptoms that range from physical ones to mental one. The recommended reduction rate is 5 to 10 percent every two weeks. Stopping too quickly may cause severe and or prolonged symptoms. I think if you spend anytime on the various boards you will see the struggles that many have.


You might like to check out The Ashton Manual it is an authoritative source on what to expect in withdrawal and recovery.  Dr. Ashton is an expert in the field. 


Please feel free to post to any of the dedicated boards, we have a wonderful community of people here, who will give sound advice. Members have been through all aspects of benzodiazepine use and withdrawal and are more than willing to share their experiences.


General Taper Plans

Withdrawal Support During Your Taper



Please take the time to Create a Signature.  This will allow others to see where you are in the process so they can better support you.


Again Welcome!  :smitten:



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