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Protracted Withdrawal


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Ive used xanax off and on for like a year but never for long periods. maybe 2 weeks at most, i've had withdrawal before.


That being said i was taking 0.5-1mg frequently for about 3 months. it's been 4 weeks and 2 days since i quit cold turkey. Getting better but still having wicked anxiety and gastrointestinal issues. How much longer?


I've read about kindling where if you've been through multiple withdrawals it gets worse every time.

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Hi Chicago,


Congrats on the Cubbies winning the trophy! Great game!!


If you're looking for an answer to how much longer it will take until you feel better...I hate to say it, but there isn't one. It takes as long as it takes and we are all different in recovery. It may take you less time than it takes me and visa versa.


You were not on for too long, but long enough for dependency, so there will be some withdrawal to face up to. You'll get through it...just hang in there, bear with it...it's not forever.


Keep us posted on how you're doing!  ~CeCe... :)   

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