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Starting Valium Titration Tomorrow


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Well I got my H to work up an Excel spreadsheet so I could start my Valium titration.  I'm starting at 20mg.  Got my 100ml and 250ml cylinders today.  Mixed my 20mg with 200mg milk and have it in the fridge.  Will make my 1st withdrawal tomorrow morning and then divide it into 3 equal doses.  He did a great job.  I had to ask him to help me as I reached out here for help and got no assistance or even direction on how to get assistance.  Very disappointing.  that's all I'll say about that as I guess it is what it is.  Others seems to get assistance, but......


So, tomorrow is a fresh start for me.  Had been down to 17.5, but wasn't doing good so decided to go back up to 20mg to have an exact starting point.  I plan to go pretty quick down to 18mg and then slow it down.  Once I get down to 10mg I plan to stop and concentrate on getting off the .5mg Klonopin.  Not too worried about the Klonopin right now since I started out at 3mg Aug 6th and am now down to .5mg.  Shouldn't have let myself stay so high on the Valium.  I'm very excited husband did the spreadsheet for me with the correct calculations for me on a daily basis.  The pharmacy gave me 3 10ml syringes to work with.  I wish I hadn't wasn't my money on buying the pestal and mortor container although it is kind of cute.  I also purchased the glass cylinders, and should have gotten the plastic as I can see me breaking these pretty quick.


So my dose is ready for tomorrow.  200ml ml mixed with 20mg Valium.  I plan to shake and withdraw in the morning and then divide into 3x's a day.  Will try and report how I'm doing and a big thank you to my H for doing this to help me get my Valium dose down.



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